Thursday, January 06, 2011

So happy XD

So if it isn't pretty obvious already, one of my favorite software is Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.
Why I like it?
Its like drawing on paper, and has no fancy features that you never use.  You get what you draw.

Anyho, I am very happy to inform...
that my passion for this software

seemed to have reached the developers themselves.  haha

Some of my sketches will be appearing in the Mac App Store it seems.

Since I didn't have access to a SnowLeopard mac and was not able to see the MacApp Store, my Flickr friend Demian from Dorkboy Comics ( ) has kindly taken a screenshot for me!
Thank you so much Demian XD


David Rusu said...

Yes i saw your sketches there, congrats on that.I came here because of them. You're gallery is very nice :)

AZURE said...

Thank you very much David!
I'll be a bit busy this month but I plan to draw lots more this year, so stay tuned ;)