Monday, January 24, 2011

Fresh Sketchbook

Since I started this people drawing thing and wanted to get a sketchbook with a hardcover, I got/started a new sketchbook.  I've been using the Pen Sketcher's pad from BeePaper and I like it a lot--I like using Bic Ballpoints for sketches and that's how I started using that line, but somehow I started using pencil more.  I'm usually a spiral-bound lover but noticed that I kinda don't like it when the rings get in the way of drawing, so I'm back to bound sketchbooks---when was the last time...Freshman year in collage?

Anyho I needed to do an inaugural drawing, so here it is.  Yeeesyes, penguin.  More penguins.  My penguin obsession is starting to be noticed by more people.

The last drawing started when my husband said
"Draw a penguin with a bagel!"
and when I started he proceeded to add on, in about 10seconds interval,
"he needs orange juice!"
"give the window a curtain!"
"where's his wife?" (wife is on the photo)
"the wife doesn't have bagels??"
"where's the roomba!"
"where's the kitty!"

etc etc

conclusion: this sketchbook works much better for traveling drawing, and also works well with the pencils I use.  yay!

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