Monday, June 28, 2010

You know what I enjoy...

Continuing with the TaiChi project, and since we now have a somewhat overall plot and audio, I thought I should sit down and scribble some storyboard ideas I got.  I seem to enjoy this a lot.  The last time I did this was back in school.  I listen to whatever audio I get and listen to it, the first time with eyes closed.  Second time around I jot down whatever I 'see' on paper, just moving as fast as the music does, and not thinking about any rule breaking or anything.
Obviously I will have to go back and this time think out much further.  Though I'm more experienced as an animator, I find this part of storyboard process preeetty fun.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Taichi - Designs I

So here are some primary sketches I had made for the main characters!

Thursday, June 03, 2010


Lately I've been busy with all the wedding things, and we haven't quite finished it yet either, since there are two more receptions coming up.  Otherwise, I've been back to serious animating, currently working at a studio as a Lead Animator, animating hippos, chinchillas and giant hideous monster covered in tattoos, jumping around wrecking cars and breaking buildings.  Looking forward to add them to my reel!  There are couple shots that I'm pretty proud of.

And!  Now I'm starting on a commission animation for a TaiChi business.  Design, boarding, animating and editing will be all done by me.  It's a 1minute project, so I should be able to manage it. Though my boss at my "work"work has been super cool and letting me go crazy on animation (and the reason why I totally love going to work), its soooo exciting to work on a small project where I can go completely crazy and make it all 'AZ'.  Its since that 6min thesis I did back in 2004-5.  What's also cool is that I got a permission to post whatever designs, drawing, and test animations on this blog.  Wohoo!  So hopefully I will be posting more frequently from now on.
Yay animation!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Wedding Welcome Board

So--I've done some wedding welcome boards now, and this time it was mine!  Since my husband is also an artist, we did this thing where I drew him and he drew me.
We didn't get enough time to do BGs, but we tried the "merging two cultures"--Japanese, and Irish (though he's more German than Irish.  shhhhh)

Twas a great day.