Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GigaCon 2010

Happy new years (+13 days) to all!

I'm finally...almost.. over my cold+jet lag combo, so i will write up something about the GigaCon I attended as a guest professional last week.  Soon, hopefully.  Haha.  It was a great time giving a lecture, giving portfolio reviews to students and talking to many people (though I reaally wish I wasn't sick and stoned from cold medicines), being surrounded and getting to know other  professionals who has been in the industry longer than I have, hearing their opinions and tips.  This con totally set my new year's resolution.

AZURE KNITS has reopened, but a little backed up on commissions.  It seems like many people likes the filmstrip scarf.  I may possibly have 3 of them+ski mask+wristwarmers+headband+2 hats (including the second one for my husband...who lost it for the second time! :P) on my list.  But I do have two more neck warmers waiting for photoshoot this weekend, so stay tuned!


Sarah said...

I also attended GigaCon a few weekends back. I was with the table in the far room selling those little 'Spink' knit creatures and books. My fiance got your card, and I had to swing by and say, "Thank you!" for buying our craft. :D

P.S. --Your website is lovely and very impressive. From your mini-news post, you're doing it all yourself and learning as you go. Wow! That's amazing!

Rafael said...

Thanks for coming to GigaCon, Azure. On behalf of the rest of the students, we were delighted to have you and your husband as guests. To be honest, the cute drawings in your sketchbook inspired me to try and do a daily drawblog :D Here's to a Happy New Year! *kanpai*

AZURE said...

Thank you so much for checking out my website! You are spot on, yes, I literally am learning as I go, hahaha. And I seem to do that a lot..drawing, cooking, baking, and knitting. I got an email from your fiancee too which I have yet to reply, and I will soon! Yay knits!

Rafael>Yaayy! No problem at all! I really wish I was feeling better...and next year if I do get a chance to attend again, I will make sure I'll do x3 better, but I'm really glad you guys liked it :)
Drawblog--yes its pretty fun. I don't do it much on this one but my personal (japanese) blog is full of it, most of the recent ones making fun of Brian trying to learn Japanese.
Now I'm motivated to do those doodle more often :) Kanpaai!