Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back to parctice

Yep I have that AZRC08(Azure's Reckless Challenge 2008)with the character designing, but I still haven't forgotten the other RC with the "BEING ABLE TO DRAW REALISTIC FACES WITHOUT REFERENCE"!
er, work in progress though.


so yea, I guess there's two ongoing "reckless challenges". well, --wait. I haven't written them all on this blog have I.

ok basically I seem to like to set crazy goals in the beginning of the year as new year's resolution, (and probably torture myself) to keep myself moving forward.

for 2007 there were goals weren't tooo crazy, like "Be able to bake"(since I can cook but I suck at baking), lose 3kg, start practicing Mozart K.330, remake my website ENTIRELY in Flash, pack lunch as many days as possible, start teaching myself Spanish. Other minor goals were like "make this complicated birthcake!" and stuff like that. I did accomplish them all except Spanish (that didnt go tooo well, haha but Im not giving up), but I felt like I was being too easy on myself. sooo---

As for 2008---
so far I have the "art" goals which are
1)draw 50 characters based on people I know
2)be able to draw realistic faces without reference

other non-art goals are such as:
3)be able to decorate cake with whip cream (I am terrible at this)
4)work on my animation
5)try to sleep 6 hours everyday
6)and since I recently got a piano, be able to play the 3rd movement of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven (not completely, cause it will eat up all my other time--and I also need to practice Mozart's K330 and Beethoven's Pathetique 1st movement )

mmm. I guess writing on this blog (in English) isn't bad at all,
I always update my other blog but never really ramble on this one.
maybe I should blabber/ramble on this one time to time--like I just did. haha

Now for piano practice time!

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