Thursday, March 06, 2008

AZRC08 - 009

since I got one of my commission done and one basically done and waiting for more information to come, I picked up my stylus again.

wait, thats not right. I'm gripping my stylus all day long..
but you know what I mean.

Ok, as you can read off my post, I haven't slept too much today because of the storm and wind LOL funny, I usually am able to sleep anywhere and throughout anything.

I must say I wasn't thinking too much other than the impression of the model of this pic---but---I guess I don't think much most of the time anyways, so I guess its nothing too unusual.

Man am I making any sense? Probably not. I'll probably read this tomorrow and not understand what I wrote. hahaha.

ANYWAYS here's the post.
that was a long introduction :P


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