Sunday, March 26, 2006

OK last stuff for today. some character design for my new manga. But the girl on the left is now the first posting of this blog. mmm..dreadlocks.
Software : Comic Studio

(I guess Im just updating this site with my old stuff today lol) Another cariacature my co-worker asked me to do of her:)
Software : Photoshop

another thing I drew a while ago. but the eye is kind of positioned wierdly---hahaha
I think it was the first time I tried drawing like this with Flash.
Software : FLASH

Did this a while ago and is on the official blog too, but "My style drawing of the LilyMu crew"---from the Animation I am currently working on called Kappa Mikey!
Software : Photoshop/ComicStudio

I was asked to draw a portrait of our friend and great co-ordinator Mr.J.B who left our work this friday. It was FUN doing this! So glad they asked me to do it :)
Software : FLASH

What I drew for my desktop at work..hahaha. oooooh ya. caffene rules.
Software : FLASH

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Some bg-s for my new portfolio website :)
running out of ideas though... what..3 more to go? lol

Software : "WinShodo"


OOkey. First sketch. Not too satisfied with the shading though.hahah.
will update later.....

She's one of the main characters for my new Manga!

Sunday, March 12, 2006