Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Drawing on a box

Yesterday morning, I got a text message from my good friend H.M that they got a new tablet for work, and she saw something I might find cool on the back of the box---
and I sure did find it cool!
My sketch that was in the Digital Canvas and the promotion of Sketchbook on AppStore somehow found its way on the boxes of Wacom BAMBOO CREATE and BAMBOO SPLASH.

How long was it there I am not quite sure, but I'm very happy to see my doodle out in public!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Must update more @_@

Wow, I can't believe I hadn't updated this blog for a year.  I do have individual 'blog/pages' on my website for my various styles but...this one should be the one I put everything on!  What am I doing?  I might have to do a little post-postings.

2012 was a nice busy year.  Started slow but came across a very very nice ad studio which pretty much kept me going for most of the year.  I really enjoyed working there and hope to be back.  One of the reason why I have not been able to do much personal artwork (like this one!) was because of my ever expanding textile hobby, which is kind of turning into a whole big thing of its own.  My friend has kindly given me her sewing machine and my interest in textile expanded from only yarn and knitting to sewing and quilting (and possibly screen printing).  My parents have gotten me a weaving loom for my birthday and I am still working to master it.

My store  has been doing pretty well.  People seems to be liking my knits and handspun yarn---which that too had a little bit of an expansion itself, as now I wash and comb my own fleece.  Thank you for all the support, I have been getting a bunch of portrait commissions too.  I'm way more comfortable doing this now, and much faster.  And yes it is far from just  AZURE KNITS, the '+' part is expanding quite a bit now!

I'm already set to go for a convention early this year and decided that all the artwork I have for print is quite old and have entered the "I....I don't really want to see this drawing" zone, I will be drawing more 'piece' possibly of all kinds of tiny animals randomly appearing in everyday situation.  Why?  Because why not.
Everyone who knows me in person knows that I like cute tiny things (even better if they waddle).
Thanks to iPad and the newly acquired Adonit Jot Pro(the non-pressure sensitive one), I should be able to keep up with my production.

So stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Confused.com "Quick Quotes"

Yay! My newest work is out!
This was for a British company, aired in England.
I did animation on this spot--some rough, some clean, some both.
I really had a great time animating these cute characters, and would love to work on more of these!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Subway face drawing starts again

Happy new years to all!
(actually, this one was at a diner)

(and these were at Union Square...haha)

This ink pen x color pencil style was something an animator I met in DC this week was doing in her sketchbook, and I just had to try it.  I love it.  Hi-tec-C and Colerase.  WIll do more!